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Carry On Movies

As a rule Tony Rogers is only too ready to admit to "many  happily bawdy memories" of the Carry On Movies.  In this Web Line column  he writes specifically of an Internet site devoted to same.

What’s wrong with an endless series of chest, groin and bottom jokes?

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Web Line — Tony Rogers


Peter Mara’s Camp Creative, in the July 1998 issue of Bikwil (No. 8), brought back many happily bawdy memories for me of Williams, Hawtrey, Jacques, Windsor and the rest of the Carry On crew. Almost immediately, as if to egg me on to perpetual nostalgia, over the next five months the ABC started weekly rescreenings of a dozen and a half of these classics. All introduced, I should add, by someone whose presence conjures up memories of an even earlier time, namely the eternal John Hinde, to whose film reviews I used to listen on the radio way back in 1955 when I should have been studying for my Leaving Certificate.

They were the days, the 1950s, weren’t they, where innocence prevailed, and if a Carry On film had reared its naughty head in Australia in that decade we wouldn’t have known where to look (or, rather, where we ought to look). As it transpired, in all decades, those movies have been destined to be condemned as no more than an endless a series of chest, groin and bottom jokes. Yet they have stood the 40-year test of time, largely I suppose due to the outrageous hammed-up performances of its regulars. And those voices!

Anyway, what’s wrong with an endless series of chest, groin and bottom jokes? Don’t stop now! I need more! Where can I get some background info? Why not the Internet? Surely the Net has something on the Carry On films?

Does it ever! And not only the Carry On lot either. Stuff on all manner of English comedy is there for the asking. In this issue, however, we’ll confine ourselves to a single site called Carry On-Line, but you can rest assured that other English comedy classics will eventually have their day in this column.

There are other Internet sites relating to the Carry On movies, by the way, and all are worth a look. For the dedicated Carry On aficionado in a hurry, however, Carry On-Line just about has it all:

biographies galore
film info (from Sergeant, 1958 to Columbus, 1992)
stage info (did you know they’d appeared in the theatre? — mainly in the 1970s)
TV info
loads of interviews, articles, press releases and reviews.

The biographies are of special interest. Here you can find out, not only who are still alive (too few), but also those who were friends and those who didn’t get on.

Behind-the-scenes vegetation (genus Trivia Impura?) grows in this vicinity in great profusion, some of it scattered in clumps throughout the biographies, such as the following essential knowledge:

Which two actors, both later to win fame as Doctor Who, appeared in Carry On films? (William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee)

Which other star accompanied Barbara Winsdor and her husband on their honeymoon? (Kenneth Williams)

Which star once proposed (presumably facetiously) to Joan Sims? (Kenneth Williams)

Who got accidentally head-butted in the nose by Kenneth Williams in Carry On Doctor? (Hattie Jacques)

Which actor was an accomplished pianist, and when the mood took him spoke a strange nonsense-language, unintelligible to all but his closest friends? (Charles Hawtrey)

Which movie was planned, though never made, as a send-up of Neighbours, and intended to be shot in Australia? (Carry On Down Under, 1988)

The site even contains audio bites from the movies, so if you want you very own copy of the sound of KW uttering immortal declamations like “Oh, no, don’t be like that!” or “Oh! They just can’t get enough of it”, or Barbara Windsor merrily trilling, “I didn't recognise you with your trousers on”, then you know where to come.

On top of all that there are Carry On screensavers and jigsaw puzzles, to say nothing of free Saucy Postcards.

Whenever I have called in on Carry On-Line, its most recent update has always been the week before, so Andy Davidson, who runs it, is to be congratulated on his devotion to the goal of currency.

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