Wagner at the Movies
[ Issue 10 ]

Wagner at the Movies is a particular interest of Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil introduce you to Wagner at the Movies

Wagner at the Movies

Fizzgig has been trying to find all the occasions Wagner's music has been used at the movies.

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From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig


Wagner's music has long been a favourite with movie directors seeking to enhance the dramatic effect. Trouble is, the same few pieces seem destined to be chosen over and over, like The Ride of the Valkyries, which has featured in at least six big-screen productions.

Here, to the best of my research on the Internet and elsewhere, are two lists of movies (other than ones about the composer's life) that have enlisted Wagner’s help. The first list is self-explanatory, and the second contains films for which as yet I am unable to specify the Wagner pieces involved. Readers are invited to clarify the position or to add any missed titles.


Götterdämmerung (Siegfied’s Funeral Music) Excalibur
Lohengrin (Prelude to Act 1) E la Nave Va

One Hundred Men and a Girl
Die Meistersinger (Overture) Dracula (1931)
Triumph of the Will
Tannhäuser (Overture and/or Pilgrim's Chorus) Counterpoint
Meeting Venus
Unfaithfully Yours
Tristan and Isolde (Love Death) Aria
Farewell to Arms
Die Walküre (Ride of the Valkyries) Apocalypse Now
The Blues Brothers

My Girl 2
One, Two, Three


Age of Gold
Highlander II
In Danger and Dire Distress . . .
Wuthering Heights

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