Ring-Barking Mad
[ Issue 10 ]

Ring-Barking Mad - Emily Bronto is absolutely awestruck by it

Allow Bikwil to show you the pleasures of Ring-Barking Mad

Ring-Barking Mad

Ring-Barking Mad is another of Tony Rogers' parodies.  This time Joyce Kilmer's Trees is the victim enlisted to support his ambivalent attitude to Wagner's Ring.

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Ring-Barking Mad — Tony Rogers



I think that I shall never sing
An opera daft as Wagner’s Ring.

A work whose vice-like jaws are gripped
Around a monstrous tale equipped

With swords and potions, horseback choirs,
And gods disguised and funeral pyres,

And dragons, dwarves, a hero's pecs —
Not to mention sibling sex.

You'd think all that would noise demand,
Yet most agree, the music's grand.

A parody ain't hard to swing,
But only Dick could make a Ring.

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