Quirky Quotes
[ Issue 10 ]

Quirky Quotes are one of Emily Bronto's favourite Bikwil features

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Quirky Quotes

Our Quintessential Quirky Quotes column for Issue 10 features some classic drolleries from Beachcomber, Sir Thomas Beecham, Ambrose Bierce, Claude Debussy, George Eliot, James Huneker, Frank Muir, Bill Nye, David Randolph, Gioacchino Rossini (two), Anna Russell, Igor Stravinsky, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Oscar Wilde and the ever-prolific Anonymous.

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Quintessential Quirky Quotes

I grant you that the ‘Nibelungen Ring’ is funny, although mythical, but it is not a patch on the story of the coming into being of the Sydney Opera House.
Anna Russell

I have been told that Wagner's music is better than it sounds.
Bill Nye

‘Lohengrin’ to us ordinary mortals seemed something like the whistling of the wind through the keyholes of a cathedral, which has a dreamy charm for a little while, but by and by you long for the sound even of a street organ to rush in and break the monotony.
George Eliot

The leitmotiv system of the ‘Ring’ strikes me as a sort of vast musical city directory.
Claude Debussy

You say I don’t know the rhythmical changes in it, madam? There are no rhythmical changes in ‘Götterdämmering’ . . . It goes on and on from half-past five till midnight like a damned old cart-horse.
Sir Thomas Beecham

Hans Sachs was a master singer and a good cobbler to boot.

‘Tannhäuser’ is a music one must hear several times. I am not going again.
Gioacchino Rossini

I like Wagner's music better than any other music. It is so loud that one can talk the whole time without people hearing what one says. That is a great advantage.
Oscar Wilde

The principle of the endless melody is the perpetual becoming of a music that never had any reason for starting, any more than it has any reason for ending.
Igor Stravinsky

Wagner, thank the fates, is no hypocrite. He says out what he means, and he usually means something nasty.
James Huneker

Wagner's aunt was so musical that when she came to a five-barred gate, she stopped and sang the spots on her veil.

The frog is a diligent songster, having a good voice but no ear. The libretto of his favorite opera, as written by Aristophanes, is brief, simple and effective — ‘brekekex-koax’; the music is apparently by that eminent composer, Richard Wagner.
Ambrose Bierce

‘Parsifal’ is the kind of opera that starts at six o’clock. After it has been going three hours, you look at your watch and it says 6.20.
David Randolph

Wagner used to read the libretti of his operas to his friends; I am glad I was not there.
Ralph Vaughan Williams

What were Woglande, Wellgunde and Flosshilde doing in the water? They were performing Gene Kelly's ‘I'm Singing in the Rhine’.
Frank Muir

Herr Wagner is a composer who has beautiful moments but awful quarter hours.
Gioacchino Rossini

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