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Down Limerick Lane is one of Emily Bronto's favourite Bikwil features

Bikwil has a thing about Down Limerick Lane

Down Limerick Lane

In Issue 10 Bikwil's occasional series entitled Down Limerick Lane features limericks related to Richard Wagner.  Today's offerings are from NonesuCH and Tony Rogers.

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Down Limerick Lane


“What’s this?” I said to my gardener.
“That there’s a bust of R. Wagner.”
“I say, just the job,
I’ll give you ten bob.”
“Righto, I bain’t much of a bargainer.”

The amateur diva Matilda
Was wife to a musical builder.
He made her a booth
Her penchant to soothe
For screeching the part of Brünnhilde.

Next door lived a vexatious gilder,
And hate of the Ring had long filled ‘er:
So she sprayed that soprano
With gold-plated guano,
And then on the barbecue grilled ‘er.

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