Australian Style
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'Australian Style' is a particular interest of Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil introduce you to 'Australian Style'

Australian Style

Australian Style is the second in an occasional series on free magazine subscriptionsHarlish Goop is the author.

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(This is the second in an occasional series of articles on free or near-free magazine subscriptions. Because such subs are so thin on the ground, Bikwil exhorts readers to write in about any they are aware of. )

Australian Style is an offspring of the Macquarie Dictionary Society newsletter that originally came out with the first edition of the Macquarie Dictionary. Thanks to a grant from the Federal Government, Style Council (a subgroup of the editors of the Mac. Dict., who are also concerned with organising that annual language conference I mentioned in earlier columns) have so far been able to issue Australian Style free, and 15,000 copies are printed. How long this can continue remains to be seen, since the Federal grant has been withdrawn.

Letís get the admin details out of the way right now. AS appears twice a year, itís 16 pages long, and its ISSN is 1320-0941. You can get on the mailing list by writing to:

Pam Peters,
Editor Australian Style,
Linguistics Department,
Macquarie University,
NSW 2109.

ASís purpose is to air matters

. . . of style and usage, especially those at the frontiers of language change, and to encourage a wide range of interested readers to participate in the delineation of Australian style by offering information, raising questions and expressing views.

Looking at the most recent issue (Volume 6 No 2, June 1998), I see that it contains the following:

Editorial on various language matters as represented by current mailbag contents
Article on the evolution of Australian style and usage
Article on teenage talk
Style Council report, including news of the recently established Southeast Asian Style Councils
SCOSE Notes, a report from the ABCís Standing Committee on Spoken English
Draft and draught
Unplain English
Rubicon, a regular puzzle page, part crossword, part jigsaw, part acrostic
Feedback 12, the latest in the surveys being conducted by AS of readersí usage (over 500 replies are regularly received)
Feedback Report, the results of the previous survey, always fascinating reading, with stats by age group and Australian state
Book Notes, this time reviewing The Little Book of Style
Letters to the Editor (e.g. what colour are hazel eyes really?)

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