Australian Art Galleries
[ Issue 9 ]

Australian Art Galleries bring Emily Bronto much happiness

Bikwil honours Australian Art Galleries

Australian Art Galleries

Issue 9's Web Line concerns itself with a few Australian art galleries

"Every major gallery in the country now has its own Net page."

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Web Line Tony Rogers


Art galleries this time, in particular Australian ones.

A reasonable place to start is Australian Art Links, despite the typing errors. Here you can choose Galleries, Aboriginal Sites, Australian Search Engines or Australian Government Sites. The Aboriginal links take you to several art-oriented sites, as well as more general sites on Aboriginal culture and politics. The Government links represent web pages for the all nine Australian Governments. These in turn lead to their respective publicly funded galleries.

Antiques & Art Australia has several subpages. On the one entitled Commercial Art Galleries you can view lists of commercial galleries, either by gallery name, town, specialty or artist. This site has its own search engine.

Every major gallery in the country now has its own Net page. At the National Gallery of Australia web site exhibitions feature strongly, including a section on Travelling Exhibitions for rural art lovers. When I last visited, the New Media subpage was announcing the Under a Southern Sun exhibition, " . . . the Australian landscape as seen through the artworks of 25 of our leading painters, sculptors, and photographers . . . the first in a series of ten titles . . . [in] the Australia-on-CD program."

Sydney is blessed with two large public art galleries, both of which have useful web sites: Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art. The former concentrates on its exhibitions, old and new. Other topics, very thoroughly covered, include Collections, Library, Shop and Calendar, plus Public & Education Programmes. A fine site, befitting a great institution.

The MCA is equally well served, and likewise emphasises its exhibitions. Also present are subpages called Education and Diary, as well as links to other Net art sites.

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