Scanners and Divers
[ Issue 8 ]

Scanners and Divers delight Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present Scanners and Divers

Scanners and Divers

Fizzgig recommends a book , and explains the differences between people who are scanners and those who are divers.

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From the Back Verandah ó Fizzgig


Are you a diver or a scanner? Barbara Sherís I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was, 1995 (ISBN 0 7336 0057 3), claims that knowing the answer to that question will help you pursue your lifeís vocation.

Some Bikwil readers will be divers, Iím sure: musicians, scientists, artists, programmers.

Divers arenít satisfied with beginnings or quick insights: they hang on for the whole ride. They need to see how things come together in the end. If they find . . . no bottom to what they study, itís because theyíve opened up a new depth revealing new secrets and new puzzles, and then a diver is in heaven.

What about you scanners? You librarians, documentary filmmakers, explorers, managers, teachers?

Scanners . . . love to learn about the structure of a flower, and they love to learn about the theory of music . . . the adventures of travel . . . the tangle of politics . . . The world is a treasure house full of a million works of art, and life is hardly long enough to see them all . . . Because our culture values the diverís specialization and determination, we often think of scanners as people who simply wonít get down to work . . . a foolish cultural oversight.

Thereís plenty of advice, too, for those who seem to be scanners, but who are really divers with something blocking them from diving.

A book well worth the scan/dive. But as to whether it will temper your overall cynicism about American pop (pap?) psychology . . .

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