Sonnet Trois
[ Issue 7 ]

Sonnet  Trois intrigues Emily Bronto

For your reading pleasure Bikwil gives you Sonnet  Trois

Sonnet Trois

Sonnet Trois is another in our ongoing series of Dreadful Doggerel offerings.  Hambone done it.

Has he no shame?

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Sonnet Trois
[ Dreadful Doggerel No. 2 ]



A naughty nude
Laughed, Arent I rude,
Dancing round the park?

A portly prude
Gasped, Im not wooed
By nastiness at dark.

Perhaps, the brazen nude replied,
Im just a bashful blushing bride.
More like an exhibitionist,
The prude in admonition hissed.

As if on cue, the groom appeared,
Naked save for goatee beard.
Is this some kind of talent quest?
Enquired the prude, with proffered chest.

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