Aimi Macdonald
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Emily Bronto is definitely one of Aimi Macdonaldís many fans

Bikwil salutes Aimi Macdonald

Aimi Macdonald

Fizzgig treats us to "A Hurried Rundown on Who the Heck Was and What Ever Happened to The Lovely Miss Aimi Macdonald". 

It's At Last the 1948 Show revisited.

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From the Back Verandah ó Fizzgig


I suppose this column should be subtitled A Hurried Rundown on Who the Heck Was and What Ever Happened to The Lovely Miss Aimi Macdonald. Iím referring to the blonde who draped herself decoratively but almost always mutely around painted signs in the 1960s TV series At Last the 1948 Show.

Yes, her role was almost entirely silently aesthetic, just as David Frostís was largely that of front man to link together the main mayhem being perpetrated by John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman. I doubt if Aimi uttered 50 words in the whole series, but lest you imagine her as nothing other than a dumb blonde, I'm here to reassure you that her career since has been a lot more seriously vocal, though surely no less attractive.

It was, by the way, Feldman and Cleese who saw her in a West End cabaret and persuaded Frost to include her in his show. The r. is h.

That history includes a part in the 1970 movie Take a Girl Like You (from the Kingsley Amis novel) that starred Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed.

On stage Aimi has appeared in Barefoot in the Park and The Mating Game. She has also won acclaim in the title role in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, quite an acting change for the girl who first made her name 30 years ago on TV as a non-speaking sex object.

Did you spot the three errors in the above article?

We make amends here.

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