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In the Editorial to Issue 5 Tony Rogers announces  that the November 1998 Issue will be devoted to composer Richard Wagner.

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Immolation Imminent — Tony Rogers


Brünnhilde’s, that is. Not Bikwil’s. As you may know, later this year the full Ring Cycle of Richard Wagner (an extremely rare event in Oz) will be staged in Adelaide. In celebration of this, with your help, we will devote our entire November issue to his Teutonic nibs.

Harlish Goop has already promised some word puzzles with a Wagnerian flavour, and other surprises await in the wings.

And just in case there are Wagner haters among Bikwil’s readership, enough Quintessential Quirky Quotes have been assembled to keep even the most undevout of you grinning derisively for weeks. More quotes, however, would be welcome — though you needn’t bother with the Rossini one, since three people have already independently offered it. Anti-Wagnerians will otherwise maintain a discreet silence, won’t you?

What we really need are personal experiences about discovering and enjoying Wagner’s music. So, dig out those old diaries and souvenir programmes and write.

And if anyone wants to compose some Wagner doggerel or draw a suitable cartoon that’d be fine too.

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