Larick and the Aratronts
[ Issue 3 ]

Larick and the Aratronts is one of Emily Bronto’s favourite Bikwil features

Bikwil has a thing about Larick and the Aratronts

Larick and the Aratronts

Paglet 1 of Larick and the Aratronts is where Bikwil's ongoing pre-circum-modernist, ambi-sub-constructionist narrative begins here, in Issue 3.  

Written in Bandersnatch naturally.

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Larick and the Aratronts, Paglet 1 — Harlish Goop


Yes, it was Querday, and taringly the spomlous nules groged around the ulbic mun, expantally surping the pinto crombisters. Along the cran offlist a braib senstit was morling, while next to the strandello pon a gablutally hondic werlimp was trewing its hurgon.

Larick Himbos, litmod in his dastive consmester, landasted with rocklot the commoist of gragon.

"I should have gront my struckind," he varted abstrindulously, "then I could have bonsted those borgly aratronts."

But, purx, he had not, and so he was skilted to sont the restine without even a loter. (Rillid vadock! Our fendelist blurges are with him.)

As he partled there, his danter repanched the derbal offlication he had undersot in his hastic yons. Tractorially he borthed of the prack numong he had lempt in the untish zimborium.

[ To Be Compielded ]

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