The Reverence of Spring
[ Issue 2 ]

'The Reverence of Spring' captivates Emily Bronto

Bikwil celebrates 'The Reverence of Spring'

The Reverence of Spring

Bet Briggs' poem The Reverence of Spring celebrates a "time of flowers", in which a cathedral bedecked with spring blooms resonates to the tones of a choral masterwork from the past.

"St Fiacre’s presence shone."

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The Reverence of Spring — Bet Briggs



This September in St Mary’s
was the time of flowers,
everywhere of every kind
in graceful symmetry
arrayed by loving hands
in memory of love,
in homage and in praise
of the fallen and the risen.
To walk alone among them,
pause and gaze in silence
was to feel you’d come
among gentle presences
and shared unexpected calm.
No current stirred them,
neither air nor human flow,
save something of their own:
bud and blossom, leaf and stem
instilled in stillness
their radiant harmony of colour,
their silent song of love.

In sweet collaboration
other voices flowered
into four-part song and rhyme:
chorus after chorus flowed,
sunbright sounds ascending,
then descending like sown seed
beneficently on fallow pastures.
Tired hearts and spirits soared,
composers long forgotten
and old poets lived again
and all was festival, call
and response among the flowers.
This September in St Mary’s
St Fiacre’s presence shone:
the cathedral was a garden
of remembrance and renewal
blessed with ‘a breeze of roses’
and above it all a petalled dove,
so still, spread wide
white wings of peace and love.

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