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'Heritage NSW' intrigues Emily Bronto

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Heritage NSW

Now and then you find a generous organisation that will mail you every issue of its magazine for virtually nothing.  Sadly (though not surprisingly), there aren’t too many examples of such complimentary reading matter.  One of this rare breed is Heritage NSW, published by the Heritage Council of NSW.  This review is by Tony Rogers.

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Postal Fever — Tony Rogers


Occasionally you come across a generous organisation that is willing to send you every issue of its magazine for virtually nothing. What we are talking about here are periodicals in the true sense of the word, where the emphasis is on information — and not on potential sales (as with catalogues posing as “bulletins” or “reviews”).

We know of course that a lot of sites on the Internet function as “free” magazines, and no doubt Bikwil will be referring to some of these in our Web Line column as time goes on. But with Postal Fever we want to concentrate on paper-and-ink mags.

Sadly though, there aren’t too many examples of such complimentary reading matter, which means that this is one column where we could really use your input. So help spread the good word on (near-) free subscriptions.

Here’s a free one to start us off.

Heritage NSW
is the official newsletter of the Heritage Council of NSW, and appears 3 times a year. The format is 8 A4 pages, mainly text but also with a few black-and-white photos.

Its ISSN is 1321-1099.

You can get on the mailing list by ringing (02) 9391-2060 or writing to:

Heritage NSW
Heritage Office
Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
 Sydney 2000.

At the time I write this, the most recent issue is that of December 1996 (vol. 3 No. 3). Its contents include:

New members of the Heritage Council, including the new Chair, Hazel Hawke

Monitoring the quality of infill development in the historic town centre of Bathurst
Recent progress under the State’s new heritage policy
Retrospective by Howard Tanner, outgoing Chairman
News of a course on the assessment of development applications for work on heritage items
How to clean masonry walls
New publications (6 of them free), including order form
8-page supplement covering all 344 1996/97 NSW Heritage Assistance Programs Approved Projects.

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