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Language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour all deserve Emily Bronto's approval

Bikwil offers acclaim to language, literature, music, nature, the performing arts, hobbies, science and humour


In the Editorial to Issue 1 Tony Rogers announces what Bikwil is all about — quiet enthusiasm and positivity — and calls for contributions.

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And Now, with a Modest Flourish
of Cornets and Sackbuts . . .
— Tony Rogers


Welcome to the first issue of Bikwil, an irregular newsletter for fun and no profit. When I say “irregular”, I do so in case I fail in my intention to bring out an issue every couple of months.

Of course, one way of obviating that eventuality is to get contributions from you the readers. So how about it? Send them in. Each piece of work will remain the property of its author; Bikwil is but a temporary vehicle. (By the same token, we won’t pay you.)

We can be as diverse as we choose; there’ll be no exclusions at all on subject matter. The arts, computing, cooking, cricket, education, the environment, films, gardening, history, language, literature, the media, philosophy, psychology, puzzles, science, sociology . . . all are fair game. The one restriction we place on your contributions is that they be mainly "positive towards", "in praise of", "quietly enthusiastic about". There’s enough negativity in print already.

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