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Some Appreciative Comments Bikwil Has Received

As much as we here at Bikwil are proud of our efforts and enjoy blowing our own trumpet, it is even more important to tell you what others think of us.  Fortunately for us, it's pretty good news.

The following quietly enthusiastic words are bona fide compliments from visitors to our Web site and existing subscribers to the print version of the magazine.  You'll notice that none of them is accompanied by a signature, but we guarantee the authenticity of every one.  If you have any doubts about this, please drop us a line and we'll help convince you.

Once you've read such magniloquent accolades, there's no way you will be able to withstand the urge to become a subscriber yourself, is there? 

And if ever you yourself are moved to send us an admiring comment, please feel free to do so.  We'll cope with additional praise somehow.


"Bikwil?  By quill (hence old-fashioned)?  You have me beat."

"I have a very special fondness for Emily. I want to get one, but it seems that every pet shop is insistent they don't carry any sort of apatosaurus. I know they're lying — just keeping them hidden away for the favored customers."

"Congratulations on a fine magazine — I am very impressed."

"For such a long time now Bikwil has brought fun and quiet gentle learning to our home.  I look forward to it continuing forever.  Thanks particularly for the language stuff, some of which I have used, and also for the jazz."

"A delightful e-zine.  I have a quiet enthusiasm for this product."

"One of the best online reads I know."

"Bikwil is whimsy for sanity's sake."

"It fulfills a desire of mine to become more eccentric."

"What a great read — you're on a winner here, Tony."

"That's where Bikwil comes in so handy — it 'softens' me when I read it."

"I liked the gentle literary tone of your magazine."

"That quality of enthusiasm I value above all others.  It comes from the Greek for 'God within'."

"Dinosaur? One view of dinosaurs is that they were early birds — here’s hoping Bikwil flies."

"I'm looking forward to becoming engulfed in the Bikwil infrastructure for years to come."

"I learned of Bikwil by doing a search for Anna Russell.  I have only just begun to explore the site, but what I have seen so far has been very funny and intelligent."

"It's a quite unique publication, and you are to be commended."

"My husband and I have often felt our interests to be rather anachronistic (we even collect fossils), and the promise of gentle humour was too much — so here we are."

"I am thrilled to be able to read interesting articles on everything, as the so-called 'women's' magazines are an insult to one's intelligence. Thank you for a wonderful idea in Bikwil."

"I like the down-to-earth spirit and sense of humour — and the lack of advertising."

"I came across your site while searching for Bea Miles and found a suitable link to an article on eccentrics.  I went on to explore, as I had not heard of you before.  Congratulations; it is terrific!"


"A lazy browse through Bikwil is like walking through the hushed, marble corridors of the state museum; peaceful, reassuring, restorative. There you will find an eclectic, but ordered mix of poetry, commentary, literary review and interesting tidbits of information on all manner of genteel pursuits. Ah, that feels better."

"Just wanted to let you know that I loved the newsletter and was very amused.  Thank you for the smiles and I'm sure I learned a little something too!"

"I enjoyed many items — rather quixotic and recherchι."

"A great Aussie site!"

"I thank you for serving as catalyst for that rarest of visceral delights — the 'belly laugh'.  I have not chortled in e'er so long."

"Keep up the good work."

"Bikwil speaks uniquely."

"I love Bikwil, I do, I do!"

"The editor seems to be fond of q's, and it's catching."

"Bikwil is very much the manifestation of an alive, curious and vivid intelligence enjoying surveying the firmament — delighting in what it observes."

"I was intrigued. What was a Bikwil? When I saw it described as the 'home of quiet enthusiasms' I was beguiled. I found the term 'quiet enthusiasms' quite charming. When I visited the site I was equally charmed with the writing. Be sure to read Harlish Goop's A Word in Your Pink Shell-like, a delightful column about words. I particularly enjoyed the article about Sir James Murray of Oxford English Dictionary fame in Issues 8 and 9."

"Bikwil always gives me a belly laugh, lots to ponder on, and plenty to relish and re-read."

"Congratulations on your terrific site.  I am looking forward to searching all the essays and poems."

"I like the concept behind your endeavors."

"Sage and enormously entertaining: one of the few ezines I shall keep returning to for pure enjoyment."

"Bloody Interesting Knowledgeable Witty Internet Location."

"I found the scope and content of your Web site to be very interesting."

"I look forward to each issue and find it hard to stifle my impatience. Long live Bikwil!"

"Having happened on your site at amazing random, I found it tasteful, perceptive, witty — i.e., so humane that I'd like to return to enjoy it again now and then."

"I had no idea such an interesting publication was available."

"I must say that I like your little phrase: 'The Home of Quiet Enthusiasms'.  That's very me.  Seems I'll be in good company."

"I was delighted with philosophy of the magazine as a whole.  Just my scene."

"It is very comforting to see there are still people who appreciate the power of our language."

"Bikwil is a rare find — you will find it to be unique and of value."

"Now that I've downloaded and printed the current issue, I must say I'm impressed by how well the system works!"

"Your site is a refreshing change — best of all, the focus is on content."

"I love the way Bikwil really stretches the mind."

"A charmingly philosophical web site — this is a quiet corner of substance."

"I appreciate the hard work you do, Tony, on your wonderful site."

"What fantastic pages — gentle reading that inspires quiet thinkers —  congratulations."

"Full of panache and with a character all its own."

"A journal without an agenda is truly subversive."

"I admire your work on Bikwil; it's apparent that you spend a lot of time, energy and substance on it."

"I love what Bikwil is trying to do.
It’s easy to write about
the fallen faces that line our
streets, but harder to write
about the spark that still resides in
their souls, that spark
that still keeps them going even
though all seems lost, that spark
that still keeps them alive,
refusing to finish because perhaps
the soul can still find within itself
'quiet enthusiasm'.
It is the stuff of hope.
. . . such avenues of writing are fast fading into the wretched images of shock, which often desensitize the softer side of our souls."

"Between the cracks of the monster pavement of Life Materialistic a lovely violet is growing."

"I find that the magazine has a wide diversity so suits most tastes. The humour is right up my street . . . I have enjoyed reading and chuckling at the many stories. Keep up the good work — 'A merry heart doeth good like a medicine'."

"If you get rid of Emily, I would have to kill you.  I think she is the cutest liddle pet for a page."

"You have a lovely site."

"Amen to 'inclining hearts and minds to positive ends'."


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