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Highlights of Issue 89, January 2012

If You See What I Mean

Tony Rogers

(Magnifying glass not included.)
Once upon a Nursery Rhyme Bet Briggs Conclusion: Variation 2 — The Ballet — Parts 3 & 4 and Coda.
Web Line Tony Rogers Unremitting exasperation, deceptive ideas and seesaws.
Song Quiz 6 Agnomens Attention-grabbing excerpts, maybe . . . but from which songs?
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like Harlish Goop Kleptocracy rears its ugly head.  Likewise apocrypha.
Old Cootamundra Hospital Lavinia Godfrey At the end of its life, an elderly hospital remembers.
Bits of Hits  Agnomens Just in case there were fragments in Song Quiz 5 that you were wondering about, here they are again — in their proper context.
Appetizer 20 Tony Rogers Books, books and more books.
Quintessential Quirky Quotes Various

Quotes from .Benjamin Disraeli, W.S. Gilbert, Samuel Goldwyn, James Russell Lowell and Philip H. Sheridan.

From the Back Verandah

Fizzgig Stories yet untold and poems still to sing.

Web Line
— Tony Rogers

[ Extract ]

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"A worsening trend has bothered school teachers and academics so much that over recent years that umpteen critical thinking Web sites 1 have been springing up. Their aim is to alert students to the risks entailed in the hasty acceptance of unsubstantiated opinions or deceptive ideas. "

A Word in Your Pink Shell-like
— Harlish Goop

[ Extract ]

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"These days, there is a much wider  acceptance in Australia of Aboriginal toponyms (place-names) than there was, say, 80 years ago. For instance, in Sydney, Australia’s oldest town and in due course the capital of the Colony of New South Wales, such names are now plentiful . . .

Unsurprisingly, since white settlement there have been innumerable negrophobic persons and groups attempting to impede such decisions, yet there was more than just a custom in play here. It was virtually a policy from the outset."

Appetizer 20
— Tony Rogers

[ Extract ]

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". . . But it is not always easy to destroy books. They may not have as many lives as a cat, but they certainly die hard; and it is sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for them. This difficulty once brought me almost within the Shadow of the Rope. I was living in a small and (as Shakespeare would say) heaven-kissing flat in Chelsea, and books of inferior minor verse gradually accumulated there until at last I was faced with the alternative of either evicting the books or else leaving them in sole, undisturbed tenancy and taking rooms elsewhere for myself. Now, no one would have bought these books. I therefore had to throw them away or wipe them off the map altogether. But how? There were scores of them. "

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