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Catalogue, Arranged by Author, of All Material That Has Appeared to Date in Bikwil
Note: Latest issue available at the Web site is Issue 48 (March 2005)

Authors A - B

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Humpy Apples

Never Mind the Vowels, Prime Minister, Feel the Length

Issue 25
Leon Bannister Letter to Clancy Issue 47
Cecil Bieder-Mill Big Ben Strikes Again: Reactions to Our Special Wagner Issue Issue 11
John Birkbeck Geography Song Issue 46
John Birkbeck Running for the 2:22 Issue 26
John Birkbeck Yard Boy Issue 22
Larry Blankenship Buttless Wonder Issue 49
Greg Bogaerts Back to Breda Issue 42
Daniel Boyer The Ice Hockey Player Issue 27
The Brandenburg Gatekeeper Big Ben Strikes Again: Reactions to Our Special Wagner Issue Issue 11
Bet Briggs After Rain Issue 43
Bet Briggs Ambition Issue 52
Bet Briggs An Australian Brünnhilde Issue 10
Bet Briggs Azimuth: a Dream Fulfilled Issue 40
Bet Briggs The Azimuth Suite Issue 28
Bet Briggs The Back Room Issue 45
Bet Briggs Being Issue 22
Bet Briggs Being Brazenly Personal Issue 55
Bet Briggs A Birthday Poem Issue 35
Bet Briggs Bread Issue 20
Bet Briggs A Calendar of Anniversaries Issue 58
Bet Briggs Cliff Walk Issue 32
Bet Briggs Coming of Age Issue 56
Bet Briggs Dear Mozart Issue 57
Bet Briggs Falling Leaves Issue 5
Bet Briggs For a Singer and His Song Issue 9
Bet Briggs For Graeme Bell Issue 46
Bet Briggs For Joan Issue 44
Bet Briggs A French Connection Issue 10
Bet Briggs The Gift of One Small Word Issue 59
Bet Briggs Go, Little Bikwil Issue 1
Bet Briggs A Grace Note for George Issue 11
Bet Briggs The Grasshopper and The Kid Glove Kid Issue 3
Bet Briggs Green Light Issue 27
Bet Briggs Harmony of Contrasts Issue 30
Bet Briggs Hooked on Jazz See Series Catalogue
Bet Briggs Home Ground Issue 50
Bet Briggs Hurrah for the Clerihew Issue 47
Bet Briggs Hymn to Dance Issue 25
Bet Briggs If People Were Roses Issue 13
Bet Briggs In March Time Issue 24
Bet Briggs In Praise of the Small Issue 29
Bet Briggs In the Gentle Season Issue 7
Bet Briggs In the Saddle Again Issue 23
Bet Briggs Light Verses Issue 38
Bet Briggs Listening to Satie Issue 18
Bet Briggs Magnolia Madness Issue 15
Bet Briggs May I Never Cease to Wonder Issue 42
Bet Briggs "The Most Sublime Noise" Issue 8
Bet Briggs My Good News Week Issue 19
Bet Briggs My Last Garden Issue 48
Bet Briggs Nocturne Issue 12
Bet Briggs One Thing Certain Issue 36
Bet Briggs Plum Tree Issue 21
Bet Briggs Poem for Easter Issue 26
Bet Briggs Reflections on St Valentine's Day Issue 54
Bet Briggs Revelation on Canvas Issue 31
Bet Briggs The Reverence of Spring Issue 2
Bet Briggs A Ring of Pilgrims Issue 10
Bet Briggs Say Love Now Issue 37
Bet Briggs Seasonal Change Issue 53
Bet Briggs Small Memories Issue 60
Bet Briggs Small Miracles Issue 16
Bet Briggs Summer Morning Issue 41
Bet Briggs Summer Sketch Issue 17
Bet Briggs This Rain Issue 44
Bet Briggs Tiger's Poems Issue 34
Bet Briggs To the Editor: In Anticipation Issue 60
Bet Briggs To the Editor: In Appreciation Issue 51
Bet Briggs A Town Like Abdera, or The Republic of Fools Issue 6
Bet Briggs Winter Harvest Issue 39
Bet Briggs What a Difference a Tree Makes! Issue 4
Bet Briggs Words Issue 33
Bet Briggs The World Outside Issue 14
Michael Buhagiar " . . . and Stars Begotten on Their Night" Issue 46
Michael Buhagiar Jacob's Ladder Issue 39
Bunty * Where Three Ways Meet Issue 20
Bunty *


Where Three Ways Meet Issue 25

Authors C - L

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Dennis Callegari

"The biblical figure of Joshua . . ."

Issue 52
Dennis Callegari "Cyrano de Bergerac . . ." Issue 51
Dennis Callegari "'My cash,' said G.K. Chesterton . . ." Issue 58
Dennis Callegari "Nathaniel Hawthorne . . ." Issue 57
Dennis Callegari "The Saracen called Saladin . . ." Issue 50
Col Choat Project Gutenberg Issue 29
Col Choat Sleeping Giants Issue 41
Jason Clapham Flying over a Beach in Sumbawa Issue 28
Jason Clapham To a Quince Issue 33
Joan Clarke See Joan Willmott-Clarke
Olivier de Cologne An Unsolicited Testimonial Issue 7
Olive Conduit The Tin Voice Laughed Issue 10
Henri Dandin Les Musiques Imbéciles Issue 17
Henri Dandin Songs for the Modern Nursery Issue 51
Diane  Dees Can We Really Talk? Issue 37
Diane  Dees Canna Mania Issue 55
Diane  Dees Enormous Jabs of Pleasure Issue 28
Diane  Dees In the Pink Issue 45
Diane  Dees Jonquils, suddenly Issue 51
Diane  Dees Stones Issue 58
Geoff Dodson The Mysterious Case of the Missing Phone Box Issue 55
Drudge-Pudding Cumbrous Rotundity Issue 57
Drudge-Pudding * In Clumsy Pursuit of the Welfare State Issue 18
Lachlan Drysdale The Station Issue 24
Yvette Duncan Amen Issue 34
Allan English Why Me? Issue 6
The Fairy Brothers The Egyptian Art Lover . . . Issue 9
Richard Fein Eschewing Intimacy Issue 31
Dorothy Filshie "Henry Moore  . . ." Issue 49
Dorothy Filshie "Mondrian was known as Piet . . ." Issue 57
Dorothy Filshie "Our friend Toulouse . . ." Issue 53
Dorothy Filshie "Paul Cezanne . . ." Issue 48
Dorothy Filshie "Posing nude for Lucien Freud . . ." Issue 55
Dorothy Filshie "René Magritte . . ." Issue 51
Dorothy Filshie "Vincent Van Gogh . . ." Issue 48
Dorothy Filshie "Whitely loved to paint his Wendy . . ." Issue 56
Fizzgig Another Apology from the Front Porch Issue 30
Fizzgig Apology from the Front Porch Issue 26
Fizzgig From the Back Verandah See Series Catalogue
The Full M. Python Big Ben Strikes Again: Reactions to Our Special Wagner Issue Issue 11
Giorni A Little Bit About Snakes Issue 13
Giorni Naturalisti al'Poltrona Issue 11
Giorni Papua New Guinea (Nugini) Issue 26
Giorni Twitching Issue 29
Giorni Zulu Love Letter Issue 18
Lavinia Godfrey Ah Me Mum Issue 7
Lavinia Godfrey Do You Remember? Issue 23
Lavinia Godfrey The Great Aussie Fly Debate Issue 56
Lavinia Godfrey Millie Issue 16
Lavinia Godfrey Rain Issue 45
Lavinia Godfrey The Trip Issue 41
Lavinia Godfrey The Vantage Point Issue 11
Harlish Goop Australian Style Issue 9
Harlish Goop Background to the Limerick Verse Form Issue 7
Harlish Goop Larick and the Aratronts See Series Catalogue
Harlish Goop Mistaken Identity Issue 30
Harlish Goop Ozwords Issue 17
Harlish Goop * Where Three Ways Meet Issue 6
Harlish Goop A Word in Your Pink Shell-like See Series Catalogue
Harlish Goop "A Word Spoken at the Right Moment Is like a Golden Apple on a Silver Dish" Issue 43
Jonathon Green The Drudge Report Issue 54
Hambone Sonnet à Trois Issue 7
Clare Hansson Hooked on Jazz See Series Catalogue
Clare Hansson Jazz, a Womanly Thing? Issue 23
Clare Hansson Jazz in Black and White Issue 26
Clare Hansson Marian McPartland, Jazz Pianist Issue 55
Clare Hansson The Power of the Feminine Issue 10
Michael Hart Cricket for Dummies Issue 51
Michael Hart The Operation Issue 53
Michael Hoffman Rawleaf Issue 32
Nicki Hoffman To Belong Issue 33
Louisa Howerow Readers Who Love Mysteries but Hate Suspense Issue 50
Katisha * Announcements taken from Church Bulletins Issue 22
Katisha * Bars of Soap Issue 41
Katisha Big Ben Strikes Again: Reactions to Our Special Wagner Issue Issue 11
Katisha * More Church Announcements Issue 31
Katisha Orchestral Complaint Issue 5
Katisha * Thirteen Issue 14
Therese Kenyon Bearded Man, Reclining Issue 19
Therese Kenyon The Book Lover Issue 23
Therese Kenyon Whose Chair Is It, Anyway? Issue 29
Don Kidd The Aussie Hunter Issue 32
A. Lackwitt The Perilous Pathway Issue 59
landoc * Five-Year Plan Issue 14
landoc "If you come from the town of Newcastle . . ." Issue 7
landoc "A Tasmanian, at home in Tasmania . . ." Issue 7
Michael LaRocca Is Bikwil Banned in China? Issue 36
I.Q. Lowe and Peter Wimsey The Therapist Prescribes . . . Issue 10
J.G. Lyle The Anaconda Smile Issue 56
J.G. Lyle Castaways Issue 58
J.G. Lyle A Christmas Carol Issue 53
J.G. Lyle Memories of Otago Issue 55
J.G. Lyle Two Poems Out of Season Issue 60

Authors M - R

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Frances Mackay

Autumn Muster

Issue 53
Frances Mackay Country Gate Issue 49
The Man from Abdera Germany — Then and Now Issue 5
Peter Mara Camp Creative '98, or I'll Take You Home Again, Antonio Issue 8
Peter Mara A Bikwil Poet Finds His Home Issue 57
Peter Mara Lyrics I Write of You Issue 50
Peter Mara Eric Maschwitz Goes to Work Issue 52
Peter Mara Rare Indeed! Issue 31
Charles Marks Big Ben Strikes Again: Reactions to Our Special Wagner Issue Issue 11
Eileen Marshall Cultural Trade-Offs Issue 47
Eileen Marshall Our Australian Flag Issue 39
Eileen Marshall I Can't Find Rhymes for My Couplets — and Other Catastrophes Issue 44
Richard Milne "Young Arthur Conan Doyle . . ." Issue 48
Spud Money Why All the Fuss? Issue 10
NonesuCH "A chap from from my old alma mater . . ." Issue 7
NonesuCH "A fractious young child on the plane . . ." Issue 7
NonesuCH "'What's this?' I said to my gardener . . ." Issue 10
NonesuCH "A young lady who came from St. Peters . . ." Issue 7
NonesuCH "A young secretary buffing her nails . . ." Issue 7
Old Vic * Where Three Ways Meet Issue 7
Sep Owen Tasty Verse Issue 58
Rebecca Page Glad Tangents Issue 31
Jennifer Paynter Mary Bennet Issue 31
Jennifer Paynter Researching Mary Bennet Issue 44
Melissa Pearce Crackpots Issue 51
Percy Off-key in the Kitchen Issue 4
Lars Porsenna Kinswoman or Food? Issue 40
Lars Porsenna No Parking Issue 33
Tony Rogers Admirably Deduced! Issue 36
Tony Rogers "All My Efforts to Get a Horse Have Been Unsuccessful" Issue 2, Issue 3
Tony Rogers "Although Bill Gates . . ." Issue 48
Tony Rogers "The amateur diva Matilda . . ." Issue 10
Tony Rogers And Now, with a Modest Flourish of Cornets and Sackbuts Issue 1
Tony Rogers Another Newsletter Bites the Dust Issue 2
Tony Rogers Anyone for Prose? Issue 56
Tony Rogers Appetizers See Series Catalogue
Tony Rogers Applying the Gag Issue 14
Tony Rogers Arts and Sciences Issue 30
Tony Rogers As Usual, Oddballs Galore Issue 4
Tony Rogers Back and Forth Issue 42
Tony Rogers Bats in John Bull's Belfry Issue 1
Tony Rogers Bedfellows Have Been Found Issue 46
Tony Rogers A Bikwil Epitaph for an Extraordinary Musical Aristocrat Issue 33, Issue 34, Issue 35, Issue 36
Tony Rogers Birthday Honours List Issue 25
Tony Rogers Blurring the Edges Issue 51
Tony Rogers Bone on Bone Issue 38, Issue 39
Tony Rogers Bursting at the Seams Issue 3
Tony Rogers Business Arising Issue 40
Tony Rogers Carlos (né Walter) . . . Issue 55
Tony Rogers Christmas Day Première on Staircase Issue 13
Tony Rogers Clavierübung Issue 20
Tony Rogers Corrigenda Issue 16, Issue 45, Issue 59
Tony Rogers Cutting-Edge Blather Issue 58
Tony Rogers Dr. Strangelove and Friends Issue 28, Issue 29, Issue 30
Tony Rogers Emily Doesn't Live Here Anymore Issue 49
Tony Rogers English Rhapsody, English Elegy Issue 58, Issue 59
Tony Rogers Enter an Archetypal Zealot Issue 10
Tony Rogers "Even Rats Laugh" Issue 51
Tony Rogers An Exclusive Message for the 240 Club Issue 52
Tony Rogers Farewell to all Those Twentieth-Century Blues Issue 54
Tony Rogers A Few Statistics Issue 29
Tony Rogers A Few Words for the Reader Who Has Heard It All Before Issue 23
Tony Rogers Fifth Birthday News Issue 31
Tony Rogers Fin de Siècle? Issue 17
Tony Rogers Five Easy Pieces Issue 22
Tony Rogers The Five Houses Puzzle and How to Solve It Issue 40
Tony Rogers Foolishness Unbridled Issue 19
Tony Rogers From Virgil to Velikovsky Issue 16, Issue 17, Issue 18
Tony Rogers Game Plan Issue 21
Tony Rogers Gaudeat Auditor Issue 10
Tony Rogers "Georges Braque . . ." Issue 56
Tony Rogers Has Bikwil Regained Its Drive? Issue 53
Tony Rogers Have a Guess, Anyway Issue 35
Tony Rogers Here Be Nutters Issue 22
Tony Rogers Heritage NSW Issue 1
Tony Rogers How about . . . ? Issue 33
Tony Rogers I Kid You Not Issue 54
Tony Rogers I Rest My Case Issue 9
Tony Rogers Immolation Imminent Issue 5
Tony Rogers In Danger of Being Swamped by Ancients Issue 11
Tony Rogers Inadvertent Doggerel Issue 5
Tony Rogers Internet Follies Issue 28
Tony Rogers Invitations Galore Issue 60
Tony Rogers Is There a Believer in the House? Issue 10
Tony Rogers "It's clear that Maurits Escher . . ." Issue 53
Tony Rogers Jazz with a Twist Issue 41
Tony Rogers Keeping to the Slow Lane Issue 55
Tony Rogers "A Learned Man . . . " Issue 15
Tony Rogers "Let Therefore the Next Friendly Contributor . . . Write Secretly . . ." Issue 20
Tony Rogers Location, Location, Relocation Issue 48
Tony Rogers Look Out! Another Puzzle! Issue 38
Tony Rogers The Man behind the Theory: the Evolution of Charles Darwin Issue 36
Tony Rogers Manifesto of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palimpsests  Issue 8
Tony Rogers Milestone One Issue 7
Tony Rogers "More Puzzled than the Egyptians in Their Fog" Issue 24
Tony Rogers News from Cyberspace Issue 21
Tony Rogers Newsworthy Issue 24
Tony Rogers No Marriage or Deed Poll, but a Name Change Anyway Issue 32
Tony Rogers No More Separation Anxieties, Please Issue 27
Tony Rogers Not a Bad Score Issue 50
Tony Rogers Not Another Great Leap Forward? Issue 19
Tony Rogers "Not once did Jane Austen . . ." Issue 49
Tony Rogers "Now We Are Six" Issue 37
Tony Rogers Off the Beam? Issue 30
Tony Rogers "One Huge Graveyard" Issue 27
Tony Rogers One More Cordial Invitation Issue 26
Tony Rogers One More Deep Question, OK? Issue 57
Tony Rogers Open Your Log-books Issue 47
Tony Rogers "Our Life Is Gorgeous with Tomorrows" Issue 15
Tony Rogers "Peter Sellers . . ." Issue 52
Tony Rogers Programming with Grace Issue 11
Tony Rogers Puddin' 'n' Pie Issue 12
Tony Rogers Rags to Riches. Not. Issue 39
Tony Rogers Quintessential Quirky Quotes See Series Catalogue
Tony Rogers "Resigned to the Wide World" Issue 18
Tony Rogers The Ring in Australia Issue 10
Tony Rogers Rhyme Or Reason Issue 14
Tony Rogers Ring-Barking Mad Issue 10
Tony Rogers "Said Sir Thomas Beecham . . ." Issue 58
Tony Rogers Self Discovery Issue 27
Tony Rogers Seven Issue 43
Tony Rogers Tally Ho! Issue 12
Tony Rogers To Phrase a Coin or Two Issue 24
Tony Rogers Toast for Two Issue 44
Tony Rogers Taking the Long View Issue 37
Tony Rogers Taking Refuge Issue 45
Tony Rogers Time Flies Issue 59
Tony Rogers Transatlantic Messages Issue 4
Tony Rogers Twelfth Man Found Wanting Issue 6
Tony Rogers Unbalanced Music of the Spheres Issue 6
Tony Rogers Wagner Fest Issue 10
Tony Rogers Web Line See Series Catalogue
Tony Rogers * Where Three Ways Meet Issue 10
Tony Rogers "The works of Hieronymous Bosch . . ." Issue 50
Tony Rogers Wot, No G & T? Issue 49
Tony Rogers Writ Large Issue 25
Tony Rogers "You Must Remember This" Issue 13
J. Roy


Creativity and the Muse Issue 56

Authors S - Z

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R.K. Sadler

Interesting Origins

See Series Catalogue
Gary Schoer Antarctica — The Journey Home Issue 58
John Scott Cree Discover Yourself with Reading Issue 35
Sockrates * Where Three Ways Meet Issue 6, Issue 12
Laura Stamps Good Words Issue 60
Laura Stamps No Matter Issue 54
Laura Stamps Wholeness Issue 52
Jennifer Stewart How to Write a Soapie Issue 30
E. Roy Strong Are the Trains Late? Issue 15
E. Roy Strong Bargain Basement Banter Issue 35
E. Roy Strong Oh, There You Are Issue 52
E. Roy Strong On the Trail Issue 21
E. Roy Strong Phone Exchange Issue 12
E. Roy Strong Wagner the Innovator Issue 10
E. Roy Strong Waiting Room Joys Issue 42
Doug Tanoury Arabesque Issue 49
Doug Tanoury Poem for My Father Issue 36
Doug Tanoury With Oranges Issue 26
Diane Dees Tobiason See Diane Dees  
Melissa Townsend Encounter of the Magical Kind Issue 60
Trawler Travis * Why Ignorance Rises to the Executive Level Issue 14
Robert Tuohey Snow Job Issue 48
Scott Villarosa Heart Issue 25
Scott Villarosa Hot and Cold Issue 27
The Wanderer Detective Story Issue 10
Alfred E. Watson "A Gripping Drama . . ."  Issue 10
Col White Hooked on Jazz See Series Catalogue
Joan Willmott-Clarke In Memory of Oscar Issue 20
Joan Willmott-Clarke Wagner's Revolutionary Years Issue 10
Kerry Worgan The Worgan Family and Their Musical Times Issue 40
Peter Wimsey and I.Q. Lowe The Therapist Prescribes . . . Issue 10
bohdan yuri Begin Issue 21

*  Note: A name marked with an asterisk is not that of the original author, but of someone who has submitted the item in question either to the trivia column Where Three Ways Meet or to the joke page The Feral Joke Collector.


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