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Comments on Reading and Printing Bikwil Back Issues

Please note that we provide two different formats: one for viewing on the screen and one for printing. 

The reason is that, while the printing version can at a pinch be used to glance through a Bikwil issue, the pages will appear to be out of order, which can be confusing.  This is because this version is purposely laid out in such a way as to allow you to print an acceptable facsimile of a complete issue in our standard A5 format. 

To print an issue you will need the Adobe PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free if you don't already have it.  Once installed, it can be used both as a plug-in embedded inside your browser (which is how we are using it here) and also as a standalone reader for other documents in the Portable Document Format.

The version for viewing is in no way as fancy in its formatting (and if printed out uses a lot more paper), but it's far more convenient for screen reading.  And while you read you will be able to listen to music from The Bikwil Trio.


Before printing any Bikwil material, please read our copyright statement

To print an issue using the printing format you should proceed as follows:

  1. Having downloaded the appropriate PDF file, click on the printer icon in the PDF Reader to start printing.
  2. Using A4 paper (not Quarto), print PDF page 1 only.  This will print Bikwil pages 12 and 1, side by side.
  3. Turn over the printed page and print PDF page 2 only.  This consists of Bikwil pages 2 and 11, which will appear in order on the back of pages 12 and 1.
  4. On a fresh sheet print PDF page 3 only.  This will print Bikwil pages 10 and 3.
  5. Turn over the page just printed and print PDF page 4 only.  This consists of Bikwil pages 4 and 9, which will appear in order on the back of pages 10 and 3.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4, one PDF page at a time, until all pages are printed.
  7. You may now fold the pages down the middle into a booklet of correctly arranged A5 pages.  If you have a long-reach stapler, you can fasten them together before folding.
  8. It is important that you orient each sheet properly when turning it over to print on its back.  Turn it end-over-end, rather than side-over-side.
  9. The example given above is for Issues 1 and 2, which  are 12 pages long, but the same principle applies for larger issues.  In their case, of course, the page numbering will vary.  So for a 16-page issue Bikwil pages 16 and 1 will print side by side first, then on the back of pages 16/1 you'll have pages 2/15, and so on.  Similarly, for the special Wagner issue (Issue 10) it goes 72/1 on the front, 2/71 on the back of that, etc.

[ Print the above instructions, using the Adobe PDF Reader ]

Note: Issues 1-9 (May 1997 - September 1998) print entirely in black-and-white.  From Issue 10 (November 1998) onwards the printing is intended to be partly in colour, but will look OK in black-and-white.


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