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Was It Inevitable?

See the-software-awards-scam

We wouldn't go as far as to claim that.  The fact is, though, that since it first appeared on the Web in May 2000 the Bikwil site has been winning plaudits and awards.  

Several trophies are presented by organisations or structured voting committees, and undoubtedly carry some weight.  We are privileged to be recognised by these award givers.

Other merit plaques Bikwil has received are from little known and unpretentious individuals who express their support for good sites by offering awards which they design themselves.  We appreciate them warm-heartedly, too, knowing full well that their enjoyment of a comparatively unheard-of site so early in its Web career can only help spread our message of positivity all the more rapidly.

What's more, we accept that, despite every attempt by judges to make the assessment process objective, a certain amount of individual preference must creep in.  But what could be more appropriate for Bikwil?  We are the champions of personal enthusiasms, after all.

All that said, Bikwil reports that we have received the following c
ertificates of honour to date.  We have scored highest for unique, quality content, ease of navigation and short loading time.  In order to preserve our reputation for quick load-times, we have spread our awards display over several pages, as set out below.  One, however, we can't resist flaunting right here, the not-to-be-missed Corporation Award *.

Overall, the awards to Bikwil have come from Australia, U.S.A., U.K., Denmark and Argentina. 

(* Since Bikwil was honoured in this way, some of the awarding sites have vanished from the Internet or else have ceased offering their awards.  These are indicated with an asterisk.)

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Awards Page 1:
Search King's King of the Web Award
Golden Web 2000-2001 Award (See also their 2001-2002 Award)
Shadow Poetry Cool Site Award
Inspired Visions Poetry Award *

Awards Page 2:
Hawaii City Aloha Excellent Site Award
Peace Work Merit Award
Academic Tower Purple Distinguish Cross Award *
Beauty and the Beast Silver Award

Awards Page 3:
What Is This Award
All Letters Silver Award
Critical Mass Award
A1 Web Works Designs Award

Awards Page 4:
Gadzillion Award for Creative Thought on the Internet
Smith's 35 Golden Award of Elegance
Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude
Web Man Passionate Pen Award

Awards Page 5:
Electronic Reproductions Australia 10 Award
Bearz Web 110% Prestige Award *
Aardvark Archie Bronze Award
Source Technology Web Effects Bronze Award

Awards Page 6:
Alternative Shopper Global Elite Light of Knowledge Award *
LadyJ's Award for Excellence
Spirit Creek Gold Award *
MM Seekers Creative Award *

Awards Page 7:
Petal Perfect iNet Silver Award *
OmPlace Conscious Living Award
Bob's Steel Web Site Awards
Brad Martin Graphic Design BMDG Bronze Award

Awards Page 8:
Positive Steps Award *
Harbeson and Associates Merit Award of Excellence
Arete Wave of a Site Award
Colleen's Corner Kool Site Award

Awards Page 9:
Wide Thinker Award
EddNet Bronze Award
Absolutely Positive Inspirational Award
Golden Web 2001-2002 Award

Awards Page 10:
PGS Gold Award

 One of The Corporation's superb tongue-in-cheek awards
(Such flattery!)


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